Dice: Tech Jobs In Danger of Extinction

Dice took another stab at a hot IT career topic by laying out some tech positions that may become extinct. Many of the listed positions aren’t technically becoming extinct though, so much as their role is changing due to updated technology, the same thing that happens in many industries. 

Web Developer Roadmap 2017

A software engineer named Kamran Ahmed posted a Web Developer Roadmap to Github. It shows a progression of skills to get someone into Front-End or Back-End Development, or into DevOps. I'm sure some of the content is debatable or may not include all of the available...

Thoughts on Dice’s 2017 Tech Salary Survey

Dice recently released the results of their 2017 Tech Salary Survey. Some thoughts on the results: Survey Methodology: 100% Online The report describes its methodology as follows: "The 2016 Dice Salary Survey was administered online by Dice.com, with 12,907 employed...

Degree Status: One Course Down, Six To Go

Degree Status: One Course Down, Six To Go

Today I passed my American Government CLEP, so I figured this was a good opportunity to share what the rest of my degree plan looks like. What is this about? As I shared in a previous post, I decided to finish my Bachelor's in Computer Science since I was only 21...