What is MVC? A Small Explanation

I’m running through a tutorial using ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework. In the meantime though, I wanted to give a short explanation of what the MVC framework actually is.

Blogging Tools

Wordpress makes blogging super easy, but there was one aspect of this whole thing I underestimated: Posting source code to a blog. Here’s a quick note on two things I learned about last week: Windows Live Writer 2012, and the Source Code Shortcodes in Wordpress.

Study Log–Brushing Up On C# Fundamentals

My knowledge of C# is sort of like my knowledge in Spanish after taking three levels of it in College followed by nothing for 8 years: I know C# code when I see it, I sort of know half the sentence and can figure it out if I look something up, but take away the crutches and ask me to code something in C#? Forget it. So, it’s time I brush up on the fundamentals.

A Novice’s Dilemma: Feeling Overwhelmed

My goal with this blog is to learn ASP.NET, in particular the MVC framework. This is a pretty lofty goal though, and looking at the technologies involved, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.