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AZ-104 Booked

Here We Go Again

Thanks to Microsoft Ignite for the voucher!


Sort of a Tight Timeline

I’m going to sit for the AZ-104 on Friday, 1/14/22. 

Why? I needed a Testing Center

During the latter stages of 2021, I studied intending to take the exam from home. I registered with a previous free voucher to take it remotely. 

However, the constraints on home exams are rough:

The room must have a door, so it has to be an enclosed space. 

There must be no items available that the online proctor can use to potentially disqualify you. 

If anyone interrupts you during the exam, you can be disqualified. 

I live in a townhouse — two stories and a basement, with two kids. I should have really planned this out before registering, because I realized I’d have to move a folding table and a laptop into my kids’ room, take my dog to daycare that day, schedule it for times nobody’s around, deep-clean their room of any items whatsoever, etc. 

Plus I’d read plenty of stories about proctors showing up late to exams, bad connections forcing reschedulings, among other things.

Pearson VUE would allow me to reschedule the exam, but they would NOT allow me to switch from home-based to a testing center. 

This time I registered for a testing center, but the community college near me that proctors the testing only has dates through Jan. 14th. Nothing else through the time the voucher’s eligible (March 14th).

So, worst case scenario is I sit and fail it. It’s a free voucher after all.