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AZ-104: 1.1.3 – Manage Azure AD User and Group Properties

Written By Craig Wall

Craig Wall

Craig Wall

I’m a public sector IT Administrator, specializing in configuration management and mobility. 

Notes on This Section


Group Properties

  • Group Types can’t be changed once the group is created. A security group and a Microsoft 365 group are very different things, since M365 groups get a shared mailbox and Sharepoint site. 
  • Changing Membership Type
    • If you’re going from Assigned to Dynamic User, the membership in that group could change, since a Dynamic User requires at least 1 membership query. The membership will change to whatever users that query returns. 
    • If you’re going from Dynamic User to Assigned, anyone currently in that group will stay and become Assigned members.
  • Changing Dynamic Membership Rules
    • In the Azure Portal, go to Groups -> click the group name -> Dynamic Membership Rules.
  • Changing User Profile Properties
    • If you’re hybrid-AAD joined, and the user’s authority is Windows Server Active Directory, the profile info needs to be edited in the Windows Server AD, not in the Azure Portal. The changes then get synced back to Azure. 


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