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Microsoft Graph PowerShell: Working With Intune Data (using MSAL Authentication)

Public sector systems admin, specializing in device management, mobility and deployment. This post will show:    Why MSAL Auth is Necessary Now Why I had to dig on my own: Few docs available on Intune that aren't using ADAL A workaround to get your...

Co-Management Intune Error: Configuration Missing, Error 401

If you’ve turned on Co-Management and Tenant Attach, but the ConfigMgr commands don’t work from the Intune portal, check this out.

Intune Win32 App Deployment Guide: Preparing .intunewin Files

Differences between Win32 and Line of Business (LOB) Apps, why you should probably stick to Win32 moving forward, and how the PS App Deploy Toolkit can help.

Co-Management MDM Enroll Error: Device Credential (0x0), Failed (Unknown Win32 Error code: 0xcaa9001f)

I recently setup an SCCM Co-Management home lab.

When testing the MDM enrollment to Intune of an AD-joined device, I ran into a 0xcaa90014 error. The failure showed up in two places:

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