My name isn’t all that common. On, Wall is #555 in the USA, and Craig is #90 in the list of first names. You’d think there wouldn’t be many notable people named “Craig Wall” around. There aren’t really, but all you need is one bad egg to make someone like me use my middle initial in my usernames.

The Notable Craig Walls

Just to make sure I have “current” results, I started an InPrivate tab on Internet Explorer and Googled my own name.

On the first page, the top result in Google: FOX 32 Chicago news reporter Craig Wall. Good looking guy.

There’s also a home designer with my name based in Utah, and a photographer based in Australia.

The Exception Is…

You’ll notice I skipped over quite a few results on that first page.

Why? Because the whole rest of the first page — as well as the first few Google Images results — point to a really, really messed-up Craig Wall in Florida who’s seeking the death penalty for himself after being convicted of some heinous stuff. I won’t link any of it here, but since there has been recent news about him, those articles are taking up two-thirds of the first page!

Great person to share a name with. Since I found that out while ago, I’ve made sure to use “Craig T Wall” in any online profiles I want associated with myself professionally.

The first result that’s actually me is on Page 3, which points to my page, although that’s likely because I made it a while ago and my page is instead of the “craigtwall” I might use today.

Conversely, my LinkedIn didn’t appear anywhere in the first several pages. My name on there is Craig Wall, but the url has craigtwall in it.

The Middle Initial Might Be Hurting Me, Though

Of course this got me thinking: I might be hurting myself by doing this. If I start over with an InPrivate tab and Google Craig T Wall, my blog here is Rank 3.

That means when I want someone to find me, I need them to search for me with my middle initial. I feel like I should have known by now how much the URL itself matters in Google SEO.

I often use my middle initial anyway as a signature, but I don’t seem to use it in any of my online profiles, and that’s likely making it harder to find me.

The bright side: searching “Craig Wall NJ” into Google shows my Twitter and LinkedIn profiles on the bottom of the page, so if someone’s looking for me it shouldn’t be that hard.

Hopefully as I post more, I can drive that ranking up a bit. I can become the most famous Craig Wall in New Jersey!

Probably by default.