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Intune Community Tool: Intune Tool Box by Jannik Reinhard

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Intune, Utilities

This post will show:

  • An Intro to the Intune Tool Box
  • What it can do
  • My experience trying it

Documentation: Blog Post

Jannik’s blog post about this tool.


The Idea is Sound…

We’re starting to see more community-built utility apps to manage Intune more efficiently than we can through the web GUI. 

This uses a XAML-based GUI that’s intended to mirror the look and feel of the web GUI. I like it. 

The backend is based off of Microsoft Graph PowerShell. 

This is an app squarely for Global admins, though.

At my org I’m an Intune Administrator, but not a Global admin. Group management is an Azure AD admin thing, not really an Intune thing, even though I’m sure many people do both.

The Group management function is alright, although we use Policy Sets, so if we create a new device group, we don’t usually need to go into individual items to assign them. 

Notable exception is Win32 apps, which for some god-only-knows reason, Microsoft doesn’t support Policy Set assignments with. For that, this can be useful.

Group migration though, that’s out of my scope as an Intune admin who isn’t also an Azure AD Global admin. So not useful for me there.

…But It Doesn’t Load

Unfortunately, the author needs to do some more testing to get this utility to work on users’ machines. 

On my Windows 11 machine, it’s full of errors on start:

Resulting in the GUI not loading correctly:

The author warned that DLLs may need to be unblocked. This isn’t the same error, but I did that anyway. No dice. 

I already had the required Graph module installed on my machine, so that’s not it either. 

And honestly, I’m not spending much more time than that troubleshooting someone else’s utility.

Utilities Based Off Graph PowerShell Often Need to be Edited To Work Anyway

These utilities are usually based on the “Microsoft Graph PowerShell” enterprise app.

If you run an environment with an alternative enterprise app, maybe one with specifically-allowed permissions, remember to edit the authentication portion of these scripts to match what you’re using!


Will Keep Track of Updates To This App

I like the direction this app is going at least — especially the look/feel of it. 

These community efforts give me a good idea of what other admins feel they need a utility for. So if nothing else, seeing what features are put into these can become a learning experience in itself.