I haven’t posted the rest of the past tutorial for a while, so I wanted to update a bit on what I’ve been up to.

Exploring Volunteering Options

I was on vacation from work last week, and my wife asked if I’d be interested in managing the events page for a local non-profit that she’s indirectly involved with. I’ve done this sort of thing before, taking parts of a non-profit’s webpage and making it easier to manage, so I was open to the idea.

I won’t name the non-profit, but it looks like their website’s events page listed everything in an old-looking HTML table, and events were being added by copying and pasting in the HTML table code for a new row. The table can’t be sorted or anything.

Normally I would use WordPress for this sort of thing, but the non-profit’s not using Wordpress, and I’m afraid to pitch redoing their entire website since I’m not a very good visual designer.

In any case, it’s kind of a moot point because the non-profit never got back to us about help with their site, and I don’t terribly mind.

Job Interview Coming

I’ve been spending some time preparing for a job interview. It’s IT, not coding, but would be a good raise if I manage to get the job, so it’s worth going for if we’re a good match. This prep has eaten into my coding time, though.

Learning Powershell

Powershell is another side-hobby of mine, since it combines both my IT career and, at a later point, can make use of my C# and .NET coding skills.

Powershell In Depth

I’ve been reading Powershell In Depth via Safari Books Online, learning how to learn Powershell. Since another side project of mine involves getting my MCSA in Windows Server 2012, and Powershell is a huge chunk of the exam, learning it hits a lot of different areas at once.

My Next MVC-Related Project

I’m planning to build a sort of an earnings/scheduling web app to help my wife in her work.

I’ve always kind of struggled to find that one “Everyday project that programming would help you solve”, as suggested by many resources when you learn coding. Turns out that while looking for a scheduling/earnings/budgetting web app, I couldn’t find one that could do everything my wife needs and wants in one app.

Ah HA! Finally! Something I can try to just make myself!

My 90-Day Goals

I gave myself a first-quarter 2015 goal to build at least part of a web app that solves a real-life need; that only leaves five or six weeks, but I know I can get something done on it.

First things first, though: I need to get a pen, a notebook and a chunk of time, and start doing a lot of planning.