There is a bug in the latest version of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) which keeps the Sysprep and Capture task sequence from capturing an image. I came across a workaround that fixed the problem on my install.

Issue: The Capture Step is Missing From the Deployment Wizard

Boot your reference machine, connect to your MDT deployment share and run the script file to show the task sequences available. Select your Sysprep and Capture task sequence. The deployment wizard appears.

What you should see is a Capture step which asks you where you want to store the captured image, and what filename to give it.

However, this step was completely missing from the wizard. What I saw was the Computer Details step, which is a deployment screen asking what computer name to give it and whether to join it to a domain:

Cause: Acknowledged Bug in MDT 8443 dating back to November 2016

I found a forum thread on Microsoft TechNet that showed my exact symptoms, dated from November of 2016.

The highest-upvoted answer in that thread mentions:

We opened an Premier support case with Microsoft regarding this and they identified it as a bug within the ZTIUtility.vbs script in the \Scripts folder

MDT 2013 Build 8443 — the most current version of MDT — was released on November 14, 2016. The bug is therefore still outstanding as of now, in August of 2017.

Workaround: Edit a Line in ZTIUtility.vbs

The aforementioned Technet forum thread lists a workaround that fixed the issue on my install, adding “@disable=’false'” to two areas in one area of the ZTIUtility.vbs script:

Look for this line:

If (oTS.SelectSingleNode(“//step[@type=’BDD_InstallOS’]”) is nothing) and (oTS.SelectSingleNode(“//step[@type=’BDD_UpgradeOS’]”) is nothing) then

And change it to:

If (oTS.SelectSingleNode(“//step[@type=’BDD_InstallOS’ and @disable=’false’]”) is nothing) and (oTS.SelectSingleNode(“//step[@type=’BDD_UpgradeOS’ and @disable=’false’]”) is nothing) then