MDT – PreFill and Show the Computer Name using OSDComputerName Variable

Sep 5, 2017 | MDT

Did you realize that MDT can pre-fill information in the Deployment Wizard? This is useful in cases where you want to automate the name of a computer, but give a technician on-site the ability to verify it and change it if need be.

Until recently, I knew that the naming of machines could be automated, but I didn’t know that I could easily have the name pre-filled in the text box in the Deployment Wizard.

The MDT Variable Required

The OSDComputerName variable is what needs to be set in order for the computer name to be handled by MDT.

Using Customsettings.ini — add a subsection to filter results to the computer you want to name, such as the MAC Address in the below example. Add in the OSDComputerName variable in that group:

Using the MDT Database — Using the same MAC Address filtering, you can create an entry in the Computers table. Right-click that entry, click Properties, then Details. Scroll down to the Identification section, and fill in the computer name in the OSDComputerName text box:

With either method, ensure that SkipComputerName is either not used, or set to NO, this way this screen in the Deployment Wizard will show up with the name filled in: