A software engineer named Kamran Ahmed posted a Web Developer Roadmap to Github. It shows a progression of skills to get someone into Front-End or Back-End Development, or into DevOps.

I’m sure some of the content is debatable or may not include all of the available options one would prefer to see for a section, but it’s nice to see a template that someone can really work from — if you see something missing, you will probably see where in the roadmap it fits in.

Click here for the Github page for the Web Developer Roadmap

Below I wrote out the map for the Front-End Developer along with links to the topics mentioned.

For Front-End Developer, the roadmap works in a few stages:

  1. The Basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  2. Deeper Knowledge of the Basics
    1. Javascript
      1. Languages: Learn ES6 and TypeScript
      2. Module Loader, like Webpack
      3. Package Manager, like yarn or npm
      4. Task Runners, like gulp or npm scripts
      5. Testing Solution such as Jest or Mocha
      6. Then you can Learn a Framework, like Angular, React, Vue or Ember
    2. CSS
      1. Learn Responsive Web Design for mobile devices
      2. Preprocessor like Sass or Less
      3. Framework such as Bootstrap, Semantic UI or Foundation
  3. More Advanced Topics
    1. Javascript
      1. Design Patterns, testing techniques
    2. CSS
      1. CSS3 Deep Dive into topics like the Flexbox, Grids, Gradients, etc
      2. Methodologies like SUIT CSS and SMACSS