This is my website’s obligatory introduction post. Here’s a bit about me.

I’m Craig, 33, living in Brick, New Jersey. I’m currently an IT professional working in local government for a large library system.

I love what I do, but I have always dabbled in programming. My Associate’s Degree is in Computer Science so I have an understanding of programming topics, but my degree was earned in 2006, so it’s like the three years of Spanish you took in college: I can understand something in Python and C#, I know how to figure it out if I need to, but ask me to sit down and create something substantive from either language and I would have a problem.

I’ve Already Overcome Adversity

In my mid-twenties, I lost 150lbs. At my heaviest, I was 377lbs. At my lightest, I got all the way down to 220lbs. Today I bounce between 230-240lbs.

How did I do it? First I just added exercise and ate less garbage. Over time, I had to stop cutting volume and switch to some healthier foods. It took a solid three years to lose the weight, which is an average of about a pound per week for three years.

Also, fear was a big motivator. I have a deep family history of diabetes, and members of my family have been riddled with issues that largely stemmed from not taking care of themselves. I figured even if I didn’t get diabetes — and luckily I never did — I was on track to die in my early 60s. That’s the fear that drove the change.

I counted calories, added exercise, kept the goal in mind, and accepted myself for who I was when I was large. I’ve managed to keep the weight off, but since I didn’t do much strength training during my weight loss, my next health-related goal will focus on getting stronger.

The Goal of This Blog

My goal is to learn Microsoft’s ASP.NET, in particular the MVC framework, and use this blog to document the building of at least a few apps to use as a possible portfolio.

I will have another post soon detailing why I decided this was the route to go, and how I got to this point.