If you’re a new coder like myself, and you’ve wanted to create a blog for a while now, maybe you just need a push to get yourself started like I did.

John Sonmez over at simpleprogrammer.com has a free, three-week email course focused on getting you up and running quickly. This blog is in fact a product of that course, so I wanted to give a shout out while I’m still setting things up. Let me explain why this course worked when others didn’t.

Lessons Are Spread Out Over Time

Starting a blog and getting web hosting is not all that big a deal, but it helped that the lessons were each spread out over several days. I feel like not having all the content in front of me at the start helped me focus on one step at a time and get it done, rather than wish everything was done already.

Each Lesson is Focused on One Topic

Another benefit is that there are no “To Be Continued…” topics; no cliffhangers. Each lesson is a topic, and once you finish it, you can actually say you got something accomplished. The end of each lesson involves what you could call homework, but once that assignment is done, that’s a real piece of your blog you’ve really finished!

The lessons don’t contain much fluff either; this is a course focused on starting a blog, and John’s lessons are focused as well.

Useful Examples With Clear Explanations

John’s writing style is clear and he provides examples to help wrap your head around different concepts. Have you ever struggled to figure out what you could actually blog about and how to generate more ideas? John’s course is more specific on that front than any free resource I’ve read.

You Can Do This

I know it sounds hokey, but part of the reason I stalled creating a blog in the past was that I wasn’t convinced I had much worth contributing. It’s clear John put effort into reassuring newcomers like myself that indeed, all bloggers were newbies like us once. It’s a small thing, but important to have included in the course; I like knowing that the man behind simpleprogrammer.com has had the same struggles when he started.

It’s Free; Just Give it a Shot

It’s a couple of emails; if this isn’t your cup of tea after the first few lessons, there’s an unsubscribe button in his emails, no big deal.

Give this course a chance though, and I’m confident you’ll come away better prepared to start blogging.

Create a Blog – DevCareerBoost.com

(From John Sonmez of SimpleProgrammer.com)