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Craig Wall

Brick, New Jersey

  • 8 Years Public Sector IT Experience
  • Specializations: OS Deployment and Imaging
  • Experienced with a wide range of concepts, including systems administration, networking and programming concepts




What I Do

I have worked in IT in the New Jersey public sector for the last eight years, where I make use of my ability to quickly learn new technologies. My focus is currently on the following:

  • OS Deployment and Imaging (SCCM, WDS and MDT)
  • Windows 8.1 and convertible laptop support (Surface Pro 3, Lenovo Yoga, etc)
  • Managing Virtual Servers (Hyper-V and VMWare)
  • Occasionally assist with website content


My Background: A Little of Everything

My education and training has earned me an understanding of several sides of the IT field:

  • Programming:
    • Associate’s Degree in Computer Science
    • Volunteer Work in Website Administration
  • Network Administration:
    • Certificate program in Computer Networking and Security from The Chubb Institute (which became the now-defunct Anthem Institute)
  • System Administration:
    • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) towards an MCSA in Windows Server 2012

My skillset is primarily in IT, but the future of IT will require that I understand the principles of automation, software development and networking. I like exploring how all of these pieces fit together; I like to explore not just what to *do* with a technology, but how it *works* under the hood.


What I’m Doing Now

My current points of focus:

  • Finishing my Bachelor’s Degree (Computer Science) at Thomas Edison State University
  • Windows 10 Deployment
  • Windows Powershell