Craig Wall

Craig Wall

Public sector systems admin, specializing in device management, mobility and deployment.


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Dice took another stab at a hot IT career topic by laying out some tech positions that may become extinct. Many of the listed positions aren’t technically becoming extinct though, so much as their role is changing due to updated technology, the same thing that happens in many industries. One big tone of the article: Cloud-based management is responsible for most of this. System Administrators will be doing less on-premises work over the next several years, but people will still be needed to manage infrastructure. It’s just that today’s Sysadmins will soon need to manage Office 365 (many already do) and know enough about Azure and/or AWS to run infrastructure in the cloud. Many of these roles also demand the database skills that are probably responsible for what Dice feels is a shrinking DBA role. In the developer world, it’s all Full Stack Development. Companies apparently want to hire developers who are capable of shifting into different roles as needed, so if you specialize in one area of development, the point Dice makes is — start widening your skillset.