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Hi. I’m Craig.

I’m a public sector IT Professional in Brick, New Jersey, currently working for Rutgers University in their Enterprise Device Management division. 

I love my twins about as much as I love my coffee. 

I also help local businesses out with community building, website design and management, and paid Facebook ad spending. 

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I Blog About My Profession

One focus of my blog is on my professional education: Powershell, Cloud Computing, Configuration Management, Mobility, Maybe some Microsoft 365 in there if I need to throw more in there!

But I also Blog About Personal Stuff

My experiences are more than just professional, so my blog is, too. 

Weight Loss: I lost 150lbs years ago. I gained it back. I’m doing it again.

Parenting: Inseparable from my professional life.

Genealogy: I’m a sort of family historian, and even co-wrote a book on one of my family lines. 

About My Technical Work

I’ve spent my entire career in systems administration in the public sector: First at a County Library, then for the State of New Jersey, and now at the state’s largest public university, Rutgers.

At Rutgers I’m part of a team responsible for ensuring that thousands upon thousands of students can manage their workload using the school’s computer labs, and that thousands of staff are able to support them. 

My career has focused on device deployment and management, print management, and Windows Group Policy.

Currently at Rutgers I manage our organization’s device imaging apparatus using tools such as Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM / MECM), Intune, MDT and KACE.

I also help manage the university’s print process in most of the computer labs using Papercut MF.

Enterprise Mobility

Workspace One (Airwatch)

Print Management

Papercut MF



Group Policy
Microsoft 365 Admin
Apache Guacamole


Main Heading

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What Else Do I Do?

I enjoy leveraging my interest in data analysis to help local business owners. 

Generally this means managing websites, from design through deployment, and after-deployment updates and support. 

I also build communities in Instagram and Facebook, as I understand social media algorithms and how they can be used to fuel growth. 

My work includes running paid ads in Facebook, to both grow communities and help leverage those communities to drive sales for local businesses. 

Wordpress Management and Support

Website builds, WordPress updates and maintenance, user training.


Online Community Building

Attracting a genuineinterested audience for your social media page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). 

Followers for the sake of followers won’t bring in business — and you may not NEED many fans to create a sustainable business. 

I know how to attract people who are interested. 


Facebook and Instagram Ads

Paid ads are part of the game now, even when building a community. There’s a process to running paid ads, rooted in data analysis, that we’ll run through together.