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Peloton Shoe Shopping When You Are a Size 15

Written By Craig Wall

It’s Okay, I’m Used to It


  • I’m trying to get started on a Peloton. Key Word: Trying
  • Shoe recommendations I found are below
  • Size 15 feet means not much fits me. It also means I don’t get to think about shoe design much; I take what I can get. 
  • Company sent me the wrong pair of shoes on Attempt #1, so one week of waiting is wasted.
  • Attempt #2 is underway from a different company. 
Craig Wall

Craig Wall

I’m a public sector IT Administrator, specializing in configuration management and mobility. 

When You’re a Size Outlier on a Peloton


My wife has had a Peloton for a few months now. I’m getting tired of my FightCamp workouts and figured since it won’t cost me another subscription, I’ll try a new profile on her Peloton account.

And then my wife broke the news to me:

You need cycling shoes. 

You need special shoes for indoor cycling? Really?

It makes sense once I realized why, but it wasn’t something I’d thought about. And it creates a problem for me.

I wear a Size 14 running shoe, and a Size 15 sneaker. Part of the life of being 6’4″ tall: I bang my head on everything and nothing fits my feet. 

Even among sneakers, I’m limited to two or three shoe brands. How am I going to find a Size 15 cycling shoe?


The Recommendations I Found

I started in the best place I knew: /r/Pelotoncycle on Reddit.

So here’s what I scrounged up (none of these links are affiliate links):


Note that the two pairs on Amazon only go to 14.5 and said they may fit a little small!

I went with the CyclingDeal shoes a week ago, and they came in this past Wednesday. I didn’t realize that, despite the product images, the cleats don’t come with the shoes, so… another 3 days waiting on the cleats. 


Attempt 1: The Wrong Shoes Were Sent

CyclingDeal sent me the wrong shoes. I’m new to this, so I didn’t know until the cleats showed up and I tried to attach them… just to find that the shoe design and holes don’t match the product images.

So… sigh. Refunded. And now I don’t trust them to send me the right pair if I reordered, which stinks when only a few shoes even fit my feet!

The SuperReps from Nike come highly recommended on Reddit, but so do Pearl Izumi shoes.

Problem is that the Pearl Izumis in Size 15 (EU Size 50) are hard to find. Because of course they are.

Thankfully, bikeshoes.com to the rescue!

Their warehouse is in Long Island and I’m in Jersey, so with any luck I’ll get the shoes tomorrow and can test them out on the bike for the first time on Wednesday.

I’ll update this post with more info when the shoes come in.


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