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SCCM Admin Console: Searching in Subfolders

Written By Craig Wall

A tip to deal with a little aggravation


By default, SCCM’s admin console doesn’t search in subfolders!

This might be because not everything searchable supports a folder structure, but in any case it’s frustrating. But this can be manually turned on for a search!

Turning on Subfolder searching:

  1. In the SCCM console, click into the starting folder of your search.
  2. Click the search bar to activate it.
  3. With the search bar in focus, the top ribbon will show an “All Subfolders” link. See the image below:


When “All Subfolders” is clicked, an entry will be added to the criteria section under the search bar:

This was apparently the case in SCCM 2012, and it’s still the case in SCCM Current Branch.

That’s all there is to it! Of course it’s an extra step, so I’m likely to forget to do this just about every time I search now.


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